Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Birthday Gift - My List

Happy birthday to me. Geezal I am getting old. Half of the visitors to this blog may groan and say, Get over yourself and the other half nod in agreement, Yes, over 40 is old.
I was struggling with this birthday the last few weeks. It is not getting older that bothers me, rather it is the time I have left that causes me distress. I realize that half of my life has passed. I love being here, on this earth with my family and friends and there is so much I have yet to accomplish. Some things I know I never will get to see or experience and that makes me sad.

We have one shot to do and see it all and  that’s quite a bit to fit into one earthly life. The list of places I want to see, lives I want to experience is so long that even the greatest adventurist could not cross them all off.  This may explain why I never understood people who say, There is nothing to do... Really?? How can that be? Given a free afternoon I find enough to fill up a free week, without leaving town. 

I think a Birthday List is on order. Not a list of things I want to buy myself to celebrate my birthday, rather a list of things I want to accomplish this coming year so on my next birthday I can give myself the gift of a richly lived year.

Why am I not writing for a living? I am not the best writer, that I know, but there has to be a place for me in the professional writing realm.  I have three wonderful book ideas- two garden based and one local travel.  I have started one of the garden books, it is slow going, but it is good, it has real potential; My City, My Garden…
So this year I will finish one book and set up the process I need to create the second book. How wonderful it will be to have a manuscript in a gift box to give myself next year. Even better if a publisher shows interest!

I am sadly out of shape and it is really starting to bother me. I feel uncomfortable in my skin, self-conscious and I cannot do (running/walking) what I was able to do even a year ago. So my birthday gift to me next year is A) Best my PR at the Thanksgiving Day race, 6.2 miles. I will have to finish in under an hour.  B) Train to run a half marathon. YIKES!  Group training starts in January so I have until then to work up to a solid three miles.  

I will spend more time in prayer. I have much to be thankful for. I am rather private about such matters, so I shall leave it at that.

Learn to Relax
So I make a lovely to-do list and then say, relax. Am I setting myself up for failure here? If I am to accomplish all I want to accomplish I have to let my mind and body rest and rejuvenate otherwise I risk running myself into the ground.  Also have a full time job which stresses me greatly at times.  Time to relax, pray and exercise is exactly what I will need!


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